Expert Advice from Our Mercedes-Benz Service Team

Spring is finally here! And with it comes a unique set of challenges that every Mercedes-Benz owner must face in light of the blistering sun and beautiful blossoming flowers. To help ensure your vehicle is ready for the roads this Spring, the experts at Mercedes-Benz of Paramus are excited to share with you our top five Spring service tips.

Top Five Luxury Car Service Tips

  1. Avoid the sun - If possible, it’s helpful to avoid parking your Mercedes-Benz in overly sunny and exposed places. Excess heat exposure can create uncomfortable interior conditions and can also damage the exterior of your vehicle.
  2. Get an oil change - It’s important to start the Spring season off right with a fresh oil and filter change. This will help promote clean engine performance and provide adequate lubrication under the hood.
  3. Clean your car - Not just the exterior, but inside the cabin as well. Clean everything there is to clean to ensure you’re rolling ahead into the new season in Paramus, NJ, with a clean slate on your conscious.
  4. Tire rotation/swap - If you have winter tires on your Mercedes-Benz, now is the time to swap them out for your all-season tires. If you don’t have winter tires, use this time to rotate your tires according to your owner’s manual.
  5. Replace air filters - As litters of pollen and fresh flora dwindle from the skies above, you’ll want to make sure your air filters are thoroughly cleaned out or replaced. Doing this helps promote clean airflow inside the cabin and prevents your engine from overheating in extreme conditions.

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Make the most of your Mercedes-Benz service experience this Spring by contacting the experts at Mercedes-Benz of Paramus. We’re here to help issue routine luxury vehicle maintenance and advanced auto repair leading up to the Spring season. Please call or contact us online to learn more and to schedule a service appointment online!

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