Controlling Pet Hair in Your Car

Maybe Fido has had one too many trips in the car, and the pet hairs are beginning to show. We love bringing our pets with us, but it's not always fun to clean up after them when the ride is through. You can make the job go by faster using a few simple tricks.

Try spraying your upholstery with water in a spray bottle and rubbing in one direction on your fabric while wearing a rubber glove. This will cause the stray hairs to roll up in clumps for easier removal. You can also use a lint roller or attach a pet hair nozzle on your vacuum to remove the hairs.

Prevent a problem in the first place by laying a specially made seat protector for pets on your upholstery or by keeping them inside their pet carrier while traveling. You can also give them a thorough grooming right as you leave to remove excess fur.

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