Why Change a Dirty Engine Air Filter?

Drivers in Paramus, NJ don't need to have automotive training to detect potential problems with an engine air filter. When this component gets clogged with dirt, you'll notice some major changes in the car's performance. For example, the fuel economy for a routine trip will probably drop by a few MPG in the city or on the highway.

You might also notice some lags and delays in acceleration when you depress the accelerator pedal to maximum levels. A dirty air filter hinders an engine's ability to complete a proper combustion cycle. Insufficient oxygen flow leads to improper burning of gasoline or diesel. Therefore, you might also smell a distinct odor from the exhaust system. In fact, black soot and settled smoke particles tend to accumulate inside the tailpipes of a car that carries a clogged air filtration system. Stop at Mercedes-Benz of Paramus today and get a clean filter for your vehicle's powertrain.

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