Understanding the terminology you come across in the automotive industry is important for being an informed vehicle owner and making better choices for your car. At Mercedes-Benz of Paramus we care about teaching our customers how to care for their vehicles.

While researching technicians, you may have noticed some say they are ASE-certified. An ASE certification is given by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence when a technician passes the exam and meets certain qualifications. To qualify for a certification, technicians must have completed either two years of job training or earned a two-year automotive degree. Even after earning their ASE certification, technicians must retest every five years to ensure they keep up with changing technology.

It's a good idea to hire an automotive technician who is ASE-certified because they are more likely to do a good job considering they were able to pass the difficult ASE exam and have a two-year degree or two years of training. You could also bring your car into our dealership Mercedes-Benz of Paramus in Paramus, NJ for servicing from professionals you can trust.

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