Why is the Mercedes-Benz S560 considered to be a popular luxury sedan? Look a little closer at these exterior features to see why.

There isn't a single light bulb in the Mercedes-Benz S560, thanks to the All-LED exterior lighting. Not only will the lighting last longer, it really is easier for other drivers to see your sedan. Whether the bright sun at dawn or the blinding rain, other drivers will easily be able to spot your vehicle and avoid you when the road conditions diminish.

Once you see the Mercedes-Benz S560, you won't forget it. Standard in this vehicle are 19-inch multi-spoke wheels that are big in size and light in weight. The rims are a tribute to the power and style of the twin-turbo engine, making the car look as sleek and fast as it really is.

Want to get the Mercedes-Benz S560 out for a test drive? Come visit Mercedes-Benz of Paramus today and see these features in action.

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