What Performance Can You Expect in the Mercedes-Benz C300?

Featuring a diamond-block grille and special sport brakes, the Mercedes-Benz C300 is a popular luxury sedan. Not only does it have a stylish, sporty appearance but the car has good performance as well. Our dealership Mercedes-Benz of Paramus in Paramus, NJ finds the C300 engine and 9G-TRONIC transmission to be two of its top performance features.

The C300 engine delivers 273 lb.-ft of torque and 255 horsepower. On the highway, the luxury sedan can operate at 34 mpg, making it a fuel-efficient vehicle. Other helpful aspects of the C300 engine for good performance are direct injection, CAMTRONIC valve adjustment, and twin-scroll turbo. The 9G-TRONIC transmission stabilizes the engine's power to help create a smooth, speedy ride.

For drivers who like both luxury and performance, the Mercedes-Benz C300 is a good choice. It has features that work to establish a smooth yet fast driving experience while conserving fuel.

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